We invite you to join our start-up

Here we respect each other and freely discuss about matters. In Kunvet, our teammates are experienced, passionate and contributive. Our goal is to help businesses and students and make money the same time.

The biggest difference between our start-up and other start-ups is that our system is based off of meritocracy. Contributive teammates earn alot, non-contributive teammates get out quick.

Even as an experienced web developer, you can learn alot here!

Currently we are looking for web developers and marketing teammates (Paid positions):

Web Designer/UI Designer: Welcome UI Designer with plenty of experience.

Web Developer: Welcome developers with experience in JS, MongoDB, Vue, or have developed with Github-repository/Web-apps.

Marketing person: Experienced in marketing to the public, who will spread the word of Kunvet to both students and business owners.

Final words: there's nothing more valuable than the experience in a start-up. Kunvet is a great place to be at, you should definitely join us.

Feel free to reach us via {bz at kunvet dot com}