About us

What is kunvet.com?

kunvet.com is a job platform, yet a new way of how jobs are being spread. At this stage, our focus is to help more students to find jobs.

Why use kunvet.com instead?

Few years from now on, when you walk by any stores, you won't see a "Now Hiring" anymore. Instead, you see a QRcode and the position offered, and instantly you know they are hiring, through kunvet. You take out your phone and scan the code, you will see every single thing you need to know about this position, this company, who has applied, etc. You either apply on the spot, or save the job for later review. The business will receive a notification that you have saved the job.

Also, at kunvet.com, students can find plenty of jobs that are not posted anywhere else. Our job posts are much easier to read through, and there are clear instructions on how to apply to those jobs. For some of the jobs we posted, there are even applications attached.

Who are we?

We are a group of entrepreneurial students who build applications for commercial purposes. Currently our focus is on web applications, but in the soon future we will also target mobile and even desktop applications.

What have we done?

So far we have 1000+ unique visits from students per month, posted more than 150 jobs on our website, more than 60 registered students.

What next?

Our next step is to expand Kunvet throughout the entire UC campuses, constructing a safe, super easy-to-use, great user experience and all-purpose job ecosystem for university students. Kunvet Jobs will include university-offered jobs, volunteering opportunities with school-clubs, jobs surrounding university campuses, off-campus internships and basically every job opportunity that is suitable for students.

We invite you to join us

If you have experience with web development or marketing, we invite you to join our start-up group.

Contact us

Feel free to reach us at {bz at kunvet dot com}